Why Patriot Broadband Is a Great Business Opportunity for U.S. Military Veterans

Qualities of a successful business owner are things like responsibility, discipline, focus on excellence, and the ability to learn as the business adapts. These qualities can be hard to find, but one specific group of people typically meet all of them, and more: military veterans. Veterans possess a wealth of knowledge and skills from years of training and education they received while serving. These qualities and characteristics common in veterans make them an ideal franchisee for Patriot Broadband. 

Veterans possess many qualities that are synonymous with a great business owner. According to Business.com, “The military excels at teaching transferable ‘soft’ skills of critical thinking and multitasking, teamwork and leadership, integrity and motivation, among others,” said Edward Slavis, a former U.S. Marine Infantry Officer who served in Iraq. “I apply these skills to my real estate business, but they could be employed in any field.”  We identified some specific characteristics that many veterans possess that we know would make them great franchise owners with our company.

Discipline & Organizational Skills – Discipline is a vital element necessary for owning a successful business. There is a lot to keep up with when starting a new franchise, and our team has the resources and tools to help you. But a franchisee must be able to stay organized and focused in order to be successful in the long run. Veterans have already built the habits of discipline and organization during their time of service.

Understanding of Teamwork & Loyalty – A smart business owner should always have the best interest of their team and their market in mind. Veterans have a deep understanding of teamwork and the value of loyalty that they bring into any business they play a role in. Patriot Broadband is a product for communities, and any Patriot Franchisees must be loyal to the community that they serve.

Never Say Never Attitude & Confidence – Perseverance is a quality that any profitable business owner must possess in order to get through all the phases of starting up a new business location. Franchisees must be confident in the product we provide, and their own ability to serve the community through this business model. Veterans have to face unimaginable situations when they are serving our country and have the wherewithal to beat any tough business situation. If you are a veteran looking for a community-focused business opportunity, Patriot Broadband could be a good fit for you. In addition, we offer a discount on the franchise fee for veterans who were honorable discharged. Contact us today to find out more about opening a franchise with Patriot

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