3 Reasons Why Patriot Broadband Franchises Are Successful

Individuals who want to run their own business have a lot of work to do once they decide to embark on the journey of entrepreneurship. One of the biggest advantages to opening a franchise location of a company like Patriot Broadband is that the hard work has been done. Our founding team has developed the technology, the business model, and more. When you invest in a franchise opportunity with Patriot Broadband, you can rely on the business fundamentals developed by the Patriot Broadband team to help you get started on your road to success.

Patriot Broadband is America’s only wireless internet service provider franchise company and has a mission to bring reliable, fast, affordable and secure internet connections to rural and remote communities. We use advanced fiber optics and radio wave frequency, so a strong and fast signal can be delivered to customers through small routers and transmitters.

Our company was founded by US Air Force veteran Rodney Ballance, Jr., and offers franchisees an investment opportunity that will also be an investment in their community. We have structured our franchises with the individual owner’s success in mind in conjunction with solving a bigger problem for folks living in rural communities.

The three core qualities that make our business model successful are also part of what makes our company so appealing to any individual who wants to not only enrich their own life, but the lives of others. Continue reading to see how opening a franchise with Patriot Broadband is a great opportunity
for success for you and your community.

Monthly Customer Revenue Structure

Our clients do not have yearly contracts, unlike how most competitors structure their services. Our clients pay month-to-month, making customers very open to switching to Patriot Broadband. With the monthly billing structure, each business owner can still create an annuitized revenue stream. Every time you install and activate a new client, your monthly revenue grows.

Opportunity to Serve the Community

When you open a franchise with Patriot Broadband, you can feel good about yourself owning this type of business. You will be providing a service that allows for members of your community to have access to highspeed internet that can greatly improve their quality of life. If you’re wondering how internet is considered helping the community, just consider: online education, e-commerce, digital communication, news and entertainment, and more.

Our company was founded by a US AirForce veteran, Rodney Balance. He is a patriot and believes in making America a better place.

“We can’t wait on Government to fix this, and it’s not profitable enough for large corporations,” said Ballance. “Throughout history, whenever Americans are in need, Patriots always step up and get the job done.”

If you are interested in running a business that is successful and makes an impact, Patriot Broadband is a perfect opportunity for you. Contact us today to find out how to open a franchise with us!

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