Patriot Broadband: The Innovative Solution to Rural America’s Internet Crisis

Using the internet has become a natural part of daily life. Except for those who don’t have access to reliable internet because of where they live. Rural communities lack what has become a vital resource, the internet. It is negatively affecting their quality of life and ability to prosper with the rest of America. Patriot Broadband delivers a field-tested solution to this internet crisis. With the advice and best practices of our team’s experts, we can provide reliable, highspeed internet service to rural areas that larger corporations have consistently overlooked. Our unique franchise offering gives entrepreneurs a way to build a business that meets the huge demand for a much-needed service in their communities.

How Is Patriot Broadband Beating the Competition?
Patriot Broadband was founded with the goal and desire to solve a practical problem affecting real people. In order to do that, our team developed a way to bring high-speed internet to individuals across America, focusing especially on rural areas. Here is how we are doing it better, and why you should join our team as a Patriot Franchisee.

No contracts required
Most internet service providers require customers to commit to one, or two-year contracts, and their pricing offers are typically limited to certain time constraints. Customers often get locked into a commitment that may not end up being the best service for them, but simply their only option. We are committed to providing a better option for reliable internet service where our customers don’t ever feel trapped.

Unlimited data usage
Not only do we offer unlimited data usage with every package offered, but we can also boast faster download speeds at a more attractive price point. We want our product to be accessible to everyone who needs high quality and high speed internet service. Patriot Broadband franchisees can offer outstanding customer service because they have a personal understanding of their local markets and demographics. Larger corporations have difficulty competing with the personalized aspect of our business model.

Incredible demand for the offering
Due to the lack of options for logging online in rural communities in America, there is significant demand for the service offering. Many mainstream internet service providers are not bringing their product to the expansive areas of rural America because it is not as profitable as other geographic landscapes. If there is an internet provider option in one of these rural areas, it is likely not a good one. However, to set our franchisees up for success the Patriot Broadband team undergoes a thorough market assessment. Our experts study the competitive landscape, geographic area, topography, market demographics, and more to give interested prospects the information they need to make an informed decision. This allows to structure an offering that competes favorably with the competition. 

Simplified Franchisee Experience
Patriot Broadband builds networks for franchisees using the latest and most efficient technology available. Our franchisees benefit from time-tested systems and proven procedures that prevent costly mistakes, ensuring that the business runs smoothly from the start. As a Patriot Franchisee, you will receive expert training and best practices to help you keep employees productive, improve customer satisfaction, and stay ahead of the competition. Due to our bulk purchasing power, Patriot franchisees can enjoy the benefit of reduced costs on equipment and supplies. Franchisees and their employees receive training, support, and the most robust business management systems available. Our exclusive system provides up-to-the-minute access of inventory, billing, network status, CRM and much more. If opening a Patriot Franchise is something you’re interested in, please visit us and fill out a web form at

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