Patriot Broadband Makes Owning a Franchise Simple and Fulfilling

Are you the right franchisee for Patriot Broadband? We believe anyone who has the desire to provide a service for people in need, wants to build a lucrative business, and will work diligently to grow our reach is the ideal candidate to run one of our franchises. Patriot Broadband offers a high-speed internet solution that is affordable, reliable, and secure to underserved communities.

Why is Patriot Broadband a good opportunity for rural areas? Because our company was founded with the mission to meet the need for high quality and high-speed internet in these very same regions of the United States. Meeting this need means that more people will have access to internet that allows them to run businesses, receive an education, and have access to the same resources the rest of society enjoys online. Owning a franchise with Patriot Broadband is a great opportunity to build a rewarding business that also serves the community. We have a desire to find champions of rural communities that are eager to provide better, more affordable high-speed internet service to their neighbors. Our team shares best practices and the time-tested tools needed to accomplish this goal. Franchisees leverage current methods of providing internet service and bring it right to their community at an affordable price. Patriot Broadband uses a successful hybrid fixed wireless and fiber optic internet model to bring high-speed internet service to hard-to-reach, rural areas. There are vast expanses of land in our country where big corporations are not finding it profitable enough to bring high speed internet. This has created strong demand for a service like ours in many communities. We empower people just like you, who live in areas impacted by this crisis, to purchase a franchise and have our team assist them with setting up a Broadband connection for their neighbors. 

Together we can bridge the digital divide in your hometown or target area. However, it begins with ensuring we are setting each other up for success. We want to learn more about you and the intricacies of your market area. Prior to ever awarding a franchise, our team conducts a thorough market assessment. Our experts study geography, topography, competitive landscape, demographics, and more to ensure prospective franchisees can make informed decisions about their business. Once aboard the team, we put boots on the ground in your neighborhood to survey the land and design the best network for the unique demands of your community. You can become a franchisee with Patriot Broadband today. If you want to serve your community while building a successful business, contact us for more information.

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