Over 150 Reports of UFOs in One Night: Founder & President of Patriot Braodband,LLC., Rodney Ballance on Elon Musk’s newest venture

A recent article in “The Independent” (https://independent.co.uk) covers the more than 150 new reports of UFO sightings. The immediate fear of alien invasion was due to the release of 60 satellites from Elon Musk’s planned satellite-based Internet project.I want to applaud Mr. Musk for recognizing the American rural broadband crisis. In fact, I believe Mr. Musk has a lot of really great ideas. He is the Founder of Tesla automobiles and Space X and is also reportedly working on a high-speed train system to move people from point to point faster than ever before.

One thing that is clear to me however, is that he has never depended on a satellite-based internet system to operate any of his businesses.

Here’s the flow of data with Mr. Musk’s system, and other satellite-based providers such as Via-Sat and Hughesnet: They have a link to the backbone of the internet somewhere on Earth. That link beams the signal thousands of miles into space to a satellite, which then beams it thousands of miles back to the customer’s satellite dish also on Earth. The signal then gets beamed back to the satellite, then back to the provider on Earth, and so on.

Because of the distance between the provider, the satellite and the customer, satellite internet has high latency (aka delay) levels. This is a very bad thing for customers. People who use satellite internet report latency as high as 12 seconds. If you’re trying to have a serious communication with someone, do you want to wait 12 seconds to hear back from the other end of the conversation? Of course not.

With Patriot Broadband, typical latency is from 12 milli-seconds to 37 milli-seconds. That’s right, a fraction of a second! This gives the user a seemingly immediate flow of data, important for online education, working from home, VOIP telephones, gaming, tele-medicine and many other uses.

While I congratulate Mr. Musk for recognizing a huge problem and acting to offer a solution, unfortunately, this is only a band-aid fix until local networks can be built for true high-speed internet access.

In contrast, Patriot Broadband offers rural areas the opportunity to plant a franchised-based internet network located right in the heart of their community. By placing equipment within line of sight of the customer, they’re able to provide fast, reliable and affordable internet packages that allow the user to surf the web, play games, work from home or participate in video conferencing without the aggravation of latency issues. 

We provide a link directly to the backbone of the internet through fiber optic cables and send it out directly to subscribers either through more fiber optic cables or the use of high frequency radio waves.  Both methods are less susceptible to weather related problems than satellite-based systems.

If you’ve ever had satellite-based TV or internet, you know that bad weather will kill your signal. On the other hand, when weather turns bad, what method of communication do we most often depend? That’s right, radio. Using radio waves and hard lined fiber optics enables Patriot Broadband to eliminate most weather-based interruptions in turn allowing subscribers to stay informed of potential threats and dangers.

The digital divide is real. Learn more about the best solution at www.patriotbroadband.com. And bring better internet to your community by becoming a franchisee today!

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