Over 150 Reports of UFOs in One Night: The Patriot Broadband Team comments on Elon Musk’s newest venture

A recent article in “The Independent” (https://independent.co.uk) covers the more than 150 new reports of UFO sightings. The immediate fear of alien invasion was due to the release of 60 satellites from Elon Musk’s planned satellite-based Internet project. We believe Elon has a lot of really great ideas. He is the Founder of Tesla automobiles, Space X, and, through the Boring Company, is also reportedly working on a high-speed train system to move people from point to point faster than ever before. Elon Musk should be applauded for recognizing the rural broadband crisis and working to deploy a solution. But is it the right solution?

In an article published by Deloitte, we are reminded that “…several commercial satellite internet service providers—Viasat, Eutelsat, Hughes, Iridium, O3b Networks, and others—have been operating constellations across different orbits for years. There have also been a few famous false starts. For instance, the Iridium LEO constellation of 66 active satellites—initially deployed in the late 1990s and early 2000s to provide global voice and data services—never gained the subscriber base to make it commercially successful, although it eventually found a niche market and continues to operate today using a new generation of satellites (Iridium NEXT). Teledesic, which attracted significant funding from luminaries including Bill Gates and Craig McCaw, fell even further short. It planned to deploy a constellation of 288 satellites in low-earth orbit to support global broadband internet connectivity, but only ever launched one test satellite before shutting down.” https://www2.deloitte.com/us/en/insights/industry/technology/technology-media-and-telecom-predictions/2020/satellite-broadband-internet.html

 It is true that launching these satellites is less expensive today than it was years ago. Manufacturing for the satellites has also improved and there is no shortage of demand. However, these players must still deal with very complex issues marred with uncertainty. With many entrants coming into the space, providers will be competing for customers and bandwidth. Providers will more than likely deal with radio frequency interference from competing satellites, fights over rights to the frequency spectrum, and local legislators for building the ground-floor level infrastructure needed for operation. To add to the uncertainty, once the satellites are up, will they meet service expectations and deliver as advertised? How can these providers guarantee satellite reliability? Do these players have contingency plans for space debris?

In contrast, Patriot Broadband offers rural areas the opportunity to plant a franchise-based internet network located right in the heart of their community. By placing equipment within line of sight of the customer, they’re able to provide fast, reliable, and affordable internet packages that allow the user to surf the web, play games, work from home or participate in video conferencing without the aggravation of latency issues. We provide a link directly to the backbone of the internet through fiber optic cables and send it out directly to subscribers either through more fiber optic cables or the use of high-frequency radio waves. Both methods are less susceptible to weather-related problems than satellite-based systems. If you’ve ever had satellite-based TV or the internet, you know that bad weather will kill your signal. On the other hand, when the weather turns bad, what method of communication do we most often depend? That’s right, radio. Using radio waves and hard-lined fiber optics enables Patriot Broadband to eliminate most weather-based interruptions, in turn, allowing subscribers to stay informed of potential threats and dangers. The digital divide is real. The new entrants in the space will more likely than not face considerable lag time to grab up market share. In the interim, Patriot Broadband is prepared to empower franchisees with the tools and best practices they need to solve today’s problems quickly and effectively. Learn more about the best solution at www.patriotbroadband.com. And bring better internet to your community by becoming a franchisee today!

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