Claim Your Internet Independence!

Remember the great Betamax vs VHS debates of the 80s? How about the arguments over huge Laser Disks and DVDs? If you don’t remember any of these, you were probably born in the modern digital era. Congratulations to you, because you are probably more technologically advanced than most of us. I know many people who have to call their grandchildren for help with various devices

What’s my purpose for asking these questions? We only remember the formats that actually made it to the main-stream. We know VHS beat out Betamax and DVDs were the hands down favorite over Laser Disks for anyone wanting to watch a movie at home. There will be a day when we only remember the formats by which internet is delivered to homes and businesses as well.

Ten years from now people will be asking: What was a cable company? Home telephone, what’s that? Why would anyone get their internet through a satellite connection? When one method for delivering any desired service becomes the most affordable, most accessible and most reliable, then that’s the one that becomes the normal. That’s what everyone buys and accepts as the “standard”.

When we look back a decade from now, what will be the normal method of delivery for highspeed internet? Knowing that it costs $40,000 per mile for traditional phone or cable companies to install equipment, that removes them from being affordable and accessible. The farther you get down the line from their equipment, the worse your service is, so there goes reliable as well.

Satellite internet is extremely expensive to maintain and the quality of service in inclement weather is challenging at best. That removes them from reliable and affordable. People who depend on satellite TV and internet spend more than $300 per month for these services. Most hard-working people living in rural America can’t typically fork out that kind of money without a struggle. Unfortunately having dependable and affordable internet access is often not an option.

The type of delivery we will see as “the normal” in the next decade will be a combination of fiber-to-home service and fixed wireless service. Most often delivered by the same hybrid company that specializes in both. Using fiber optics when economically practical and bridging the longer spans with a fixed wireless network will become the way that more than 90 percent of rural Americans will receive internet and watch TV in the next decade.

Patriot Broadband is leading the way for rural America to claim independence from high priced solutions such as satellite. By assisting local people with setting up their own hybrid internet provider franchise, we’re able to launch hundreds of new internet networks annually right in the heart of the communities that need it most. We need more people who want to own their own business to join us!

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