About Us

A Message From Our Founder

Patriot Broadband’s mission is to bring reliable, fast and secure internet connections to rural areas throughout America. As the only wireless internet service provider franchise, this is a unique opportunity for franchisees to tap into an incredible revenue opportunity and know they are making their community a better place at the same time.

Help your neighbors ditch the dish and gain better connectivity to online classes, healthcare, news and entertainment!

Our History

The internet has become a utility, much like water and electricity. It is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity. Unfortunately, many Americans lack access to internet that meets the minimum standard for broadband. The government is slow-moving to solve the issue at hand. Large corporations have neglected these underserved communities because it is simply not profitable for them. The Patriot Broadband Team recognized an opportunity to empower franchisees to be champions of their community and bridge the digital divide. The Patriot Broadband Franchise allows for a highly calculated approach to solve for many of the issues facing these rural communities. Local ambassadors can take it upon themselves to solve this problem for their neighbors, build a lucrative business for themselves, and benefit from the support of an expert team.

Services That We Provide


Patriot Broadband connects you directly to the backbone of the internet, using high speed fiber optics and radio frequency sent straight to your home. With some of the fastest and most reliable internet speeds, now you can easily stream movies, surf the web, play games, and stay connected with all of your friends and family!

We offer a variety of packages and services to best fit your needs. If you don’t have high speed internet where you live, or are frustrated with slow satellite internet, we offer a solution for your home, school or business.

Patriot Broadband connects you directly to the backbone of the internet, using high speed fiber optics or high frequency radio waves sent straight to your home.

Whether you own a small office or a thriving corporation, our service can handle your needs. Call us to design a custom package for your business.

Children in rural communities deserve the same opportunities as those in the cities. Bring your students the service they deserve. Connect your computers with fast, unlimited, and affordable connection.