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How many employees will I need?

Franchisees will need 1-2 employees. This includes one customer service representative who will also book installation appointments and one installer. Owners can certainly take on one of these positions, but we recommend you have at least one additional employee to help you launch your new company.

Do I need to have an office to own a franchise?

You do not need an office to own a Patriot Broadband franchise. This is a great option among home-based business opportunities.

How is my protected territory established?

We establish a protected territory with each franchisee based on thorough market analysis with special consideration for population demographics, geography/topography, existing infrastructure, and competitive research.

Do I need to have a technical background to own a Patriot Broadband franchise?

While interest in internet and technology will help you grow your business, franchisees do not need any prior experience or technical background to open a Patriot Broadband location. Our training program and continued support ensure franchisees have all the resources they need to succeed.

What type of training and support are offered to franchisees?

Franchisees take part in a thorough training program preparing them for the demands of their business. The training covers WISP fundamentals, infrastructure overview, marketing, sales, technical support, troubleshooting, and onboarding of business management tools. The operating system includes a customer portal and handles all customer service inquiries, invoicing, payment collection and account viewing. The program also schedules appointments and coordinates installation with a GPS-optimized location planner. Patriot Broadband’s tools simplify operations and provide customers with an easy way to get in touch.

How much does it cost?

Startup costs vary based on market conditions, topography, and other variables. A boots on the ground assessment is the only way to determine a final dollar amount. Refer to the Startup Costs page for investment range details.

How does the Patriot Broadband franchise work?

First, the Patriot Broadband Team performs a thorough market analysis. We share feedback based on our findings. If the market meets our criteria, we move forward with site visits to survey the land and plan the infrastructure build. Our engineering team works to design the most suitable network based on your community’s unique geography, population density, and many more considerations. Next, we begin building the infrastructure. We train our franchisees and share best practices. One it’s time to go live, franchisees will be ready with resources they need to reach out to customers, provide affordable internet at competitive speeds, and provide a high level of service.

What is Patriot Broadband?

Patriot Broadband is America’s only wireless internet service provider franchise company. Our mission to bring reliable, fast, and secure internet connections to rural and remote communities. We empower franchisees with the tools they need to establish their very own Wireless Internet Service Provider.

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Patriot Broadband is a franchise opportunity like no other and the very first Wireless Internet Service Provider Franchise company. Franchisees can look forward to a strong network of support. We will hold your hand every step of the way. In the last few years we have learned how to deliver the very best customer service. And we have experience tackling any challenge you are faced with as you set up your own Patriot franchise. We’re proud to be a best in class offering and franchisees can be confident they have an experienced operations team to rely on.

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Operating a Patriot Broadband Franchise is simple. We give franchisees the ability to tap into large existing fiber optic networks, so they can transmit internet using radio waves from transmitters placed on small towers. Customers benefit from better speed than the competition without bogus and misleading data limits. Best of all customers aren’t locked into a contract, and this is the way internet service should be!