Startup Costs

Startup Costs

The total investment necessary to begin operation of a Patriot Broadband franchise is between $62,700 and $112,150.

The Items in the bulleted list below represent a summary of the most significant expenses associated with the starting a Patriot Broadband Franchise (please note, this list does not display all expenses as disclosed in the Franchise Disclosure Document)

  • Franchise Fee
  • Network Build Out
  • Training Expense
  • Truck / Vehicle Expense
  • Working Capital


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Patriot Broadband is a franchise opportunity like no other and the very first Wireless Internet Service Provider Franchise company. Franchisees can look forward to a strong network of support. We will hold your hand every step of the way. In the last few years we have learned how to deliver the very best customer service. And we have experience tackling any challenge you are faced with as you set up your own Patriot franchise. We’re proud to be a best in class offering and franchisees can be confident they have an experienced operations team to rely on.

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Operating a Patriot Broadband Franchise is simple. We give franchisees the ability to tap into large existing fiber optic networks, so they can transmit internet using radio waves from transmitters placed on small towers. Customers benefit from better speed than the competition without bogus and misleading data limits. Best of all customers aren’t locked into a contract, and this is the way internet service should be!