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Why Patriot Broadband?

High-speed internet is as much of a part of America’s infrastructure as our roads and bridges. Unfortunately, there are millions of people across the country looking for better internet service. That’s where we come in. Our team partners with franchisees to:

  • Find favorable markets where we are confident we can compete
  • Design a network unique to the franchisee’s market area
  • Lead the project management required to get the network live
  • Train and support in-market resources
  • Monitor the network and implement plans to continue growing coverage

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to bring reliable, fast, affordable, and secure internet connections to underserved rural communities.





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  • Recession resistant business
  • Huge demand for the offering
  • Comprehensive support during the full business life cycle
  • Assistance with defining protected territory
  • Flexible lifestyle
  • Low overhead

Service Offerings

We use a hybrid of fixed wireless and hard wired solutions to bring better speeds, better prices, and more flexible contract terms to:

  • Single Family Homes, Multi Dwelling Units, HOAs, Trailer Parks, Schools, businesses, and more.
  • Customer Service based in the United States


CRM/ Business Management System

24/7, 365 Technical Support based in the USA

Automated Bookkeeping and Benchmarking

Dedicated Franchise Success Manager

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