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The team at Patriot Broadband understands how important it is to set up our franchises for success. Patriot Broadband owners participate in a robust three phase training curriculum designed by franchise industry experts. Our program begins with a bird’s eye view of your new business and progresses through the day-to-day operations. Patriot Franchisees serve as executives for their internet service providers and are expected to lead, manage, and hold their resources accountable.

Remote Training
for your Team

4 Sessions

  • Operations
  • Staffing/HR
  • Sales/Marketing
  • Financial Modeling
  • Patriot customized POS training


2 Days in Field

  • Install Procedures
  • Sales Techniques
  • Equipment Repair / Troubleshooting 

Grand Opening Support

2-3 Days

  • Local Community Outreach & Marketing
  • Scheduling
  • Sales & Support Procedures

Our support services include:

The full gamut of integrated marketing communication services to be leveraged in your protected territory

Best in class business management systems to automate and accelerate tasks, helping you focus on what matters

Third-party vendor relations that allow you to participate in great savings

In-depth pre-launch training with live virtual modules

Find favorable markets where we are confident we can compete

Design a network unique to the franchisee’s market area

Lead the project management required to get the network live

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