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Our mission is to bring reliable, fast, affordable, and secure internet connections to under-served communities. Patriot Broadband empowers franchisees with the tools needed to establish their very own Wireless Internet Service Provider to the benefit of homes, schools, and businesses in the communities they serve. 

It’s a great time to be a Patriot Broadband Franchisee. Patriot Broadband offers franchisees a unique opportunity to participate in the first-ever Wireless Internet Service Provider franchise offering. There are millions of Americans without access to the minimum standard for broadband internet. Patriot Broadband helps franchisees tap into the unbelievable demand for better connectivity.

Franchisees typically need an in-market business administrator/customer support resource, as well as an installer/technician. We assist in guiding franchisees through strategic staffing decisions as the business grows. 

Patriot Broadband provides a thorough training curriculum, pre-opening support, and nurtures the partnership ongoing. We go through an overview of the business beginning at a high level and ending with the day-to-day operations of your new WISP. We provide support to help manage the project overseeing market feasibility, network design and engineering, site acquisition, procurement, and taking the network live. We will work together to give each other the best likelihood of success in the market.

Administrative experience, management experience, process-oriented, sales-oriented, service-oriented, ties to rural/underserved communities or a deep desire to be part of the solution, aspirations to be a multi-unit/territory owner.

Players like SpaceEx, Amazon, Kelper Communications and One Web are seeking to solve the rural broadband problem using low orbit satellites. Deployment and onboarding timetables are uncertain. These companies will also navigate new terrain (literally and figuratively). Will they meet service expectations? Can they ensure satellite reliability? How will they manage space debris? These are all questions that can only be answered once they are in the market. Moreover, these endeavors are capital intensive, and the cost will likely be passed on to the consumer. Although these low orbit satellites advertise lower latency, they will still be subject to severe weather and signal interruptions from foliage. These companies will likely target legacy satellite companies like HughesNet and ViaSat.  

 Patriot Broadband wins by capitalizing on speed to market and existing best practices. Patriot utilizes terrestrial communications which are more reliable than low orbit satellites. There are enough underserved communities for both solutions to coexist.

A Single Patriot Broadband Territory ranges between $167K and $350K. Please reach out to our team for a detailed breakdown of the initial investment. 

Reach out to us and a member of our team will guide you through the process. We want to learn more about you and your interest in partnering with Patriot Broadband. You’ll have an opportunity to meet with our team, review our franchise disclosure document, and discuss a timeline for going live.

Our support services include:

The full gamut of integrated marketing communication services to be leveraged in your protected territory

Best in class business management systems to automate and accelerate tasks, helping you focus on what matters

Third-party vendor relations that allow you to participate in great savings

In-depth pre-launch training with live virtual modules

Find favorable markets where we are confident we can compete

Design a network unique to the franchisee’s market area

Lead the project management required to get the network live

In-depth pre-launch training with live virtual modules

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